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Yemen is officially named as “The Republic of Yemen” and frequently identified as just Yemen. It is a state positioned in Western Asia, inhabiting from the southwestern to southern finish of the Arabian Cape. It boundaries with Saudi Arabia from the north side, with the Red Sea from the west side, and with Oman from the east side.
Yemen is one of the most deprived states from all the Arabic countries. Its capital and the biggest town is Sana'a. Yemen's country includes more than 200 islands, and the biggest of them is Socotra, approximately 415 kilometers from the south of continent Yemen, off the shoreline of Somalia.
Yemen is the one and only country in the Arabian Cape that has a thoroughly republican figure of government. About 53% of Yemenis people are Sunnis, as at the same time the 45% are Zaydi Shias. The authorized language is Modern Standard Arabic. In numerous regional dialects Yemeni Arabic is spoken.

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Sana'a is furthermore spelled "Sana", and it is the capital of Yemen, in Asia. It is the centre of San'a 'Governorate, on the other hand the town itself is not fraction of the Governorate, but comes i...

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Shibam is a city in Yemen with approximately 7,000 citizens, in Asia. It is well known for the tower houses made from mud-brick.
The city is positioned in the western - central region of ??Hadhram...

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Zabid, also it is spelled Zebid, is a city with a municipal population of about 23,000 inhabitants and it is on the western shoreline plain of Yemen in Asia.
The city is called after Wadi Zabid, ...

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Aden is a harbor town in Yemen, situated at the eastern side to the Red Sea (at the Gulf of Aden), about 170 kilometers east from the Bab-el-Mandeb,in Asia.
Aden's population is almost one millio...

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Al Mukalla is a chief marine harbor and the capital metropolis of the Hadramaut shoreline area in Yemen at the southern side of Arabia, at the Gulf of Aden near to the Arabian Sea, Asia. It is positio...

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