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Maracaibo doesn't
appeal in the first instance. It is big, noisy and boasts of some of the swanky
bars, restaurants and hotels. But, if you want to slow down and explore
something interesting, head towards the rundown historic centre. Ambling
through the colonial buildings, such as Santa Lucía, the bridge over Lake
Maracaibo and Palafitos in Santa Rosa de Agua would be an offbeat experience in
Maracaibo. From history, steer your eyes towards the trendy dining and wining
places in Maracaibo – El Budare de Juana, Restaurant El Girasol, Restaurant Mi
Vaquita and Wok. For theatre performances, music and clubbing, Centro de Bellas
Artes, Teatro Baralt and Centro de Arte de Maracaibo Lía Bermúdez are some of
the best places. For a comfy stay, check out Nuevo Hotel Unión, Posada O'Leary,
Hotel Maracaibo Cumberland and Hotel El Milagro.