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Bangkok is the capital and biggest city of Thailand in South Asia. Bangkok is a city to overload the senses. Streets are crowded by tuk-tuks (motorized tri-shaws) and the occasional elephant weaving through congested traffic. Entire families pile onto motorbikes while monks clad in bright orange robes patiently make their way through the crowds. Street-side food stalls sell fried grasshoppers, while the spicy smells of Thai cooking waft from the restaurants. Don't miss getting a Thai massage or seeing the Wat Pho with its golden Buddhas and marbled floors. A blend of the traditional and the modern, Bangkok's every street has a surprise in store. Ramshackle buildings crouch next to exotic temples, in turn overlooked by modern hotels and offices. The chaos on Bangkok's roads is mirrored by the busy traffic on the Chao Phraya River, which dissects the city and is regularly crisscrossed by long-tailed boats, river taxis and small rowing boats, all miraculously missing each other. But traditional Thai life is never very far away. Weaving among the morning rush hour, saffron-robed monks collect alms, while moments from Bangkok city centre, communities live in stilt houses by the river, eking out a living using centuries-old skills. When visiting Bangkok it is advisable to have plenty of time to explore the many faces that this marvelous city has. It is a good idea to get the general layout idea of the city in the first days of your visit, as this will help a lot in finding your way and visiting the diverse landmarks of Bangkok using your time the best possible way. The major sights are in the Ratanakosin area: the dazzling ostentation of the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo, lively and grandiose Wat Pho and the National Museum's hoard of exquisite works of art. Once those cultural essentials have been seen, you can choose from a whole bevy of lesser sights, including Wat Benjamabophit(the "Marble Temple") and Jim Thompson's House, a small, personal museum of Thai design. For livelier scenes, explore the dark alleys of Chinatown's bazaars or head for the water: the great Chao Phraya River, which breaks up and adds zest to the city's landscape, is the backbone of a network of canals that remains fundamentally intact in the west-bank Thonburi district. Bangkok offers also an amazing nightlife with bars, discos, live music and even Latin Salsa is becoming popular. A lot is said about and done in Patpong, Bangkok's red-light district. It's not particularly different from red-light districts elsewhere. At night-time, Patpong's brightly and colorfully lit streets are packed with people who parade along the clubs lining the streets - some of which might even shock the most worldly visitors. And don't forget - there are tons more of attractions, activities and interesting places to see in Bangkok, visit them and write here at HolidayStreets.com about their beauty and mystery!

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