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Verkehrshaus der Schweiz (Swiss Transport Museum)

Switzerland's most-visited museum is a place to experience the history of road-, rail, water- and air-borne mobility, as well as that of space travel. Its interactive attractions are sure to win you over – whatever the weather. Switzerland's largest cinema screen in the Film theatre presents documentary films in XXL format.
Meanwhile, the country's largest, most modern Planetarium offers 360-degree flights to the stars. The Media World is where you'll unearth new communication trends. And discover how famous Swiss chocolate is made from cocoa beans at the Swiss Chocolate Adventure visitor experience.
Timing : Opens 10:00, closes 18:00 (17:00 during winter time)
Contact : +41 41 375 75 75

Address : Lidostrasse 5 , Luzern , 6006


  • Verkehrshaus Racing
  • Verkehrshaus Mars rover
  • Verkehrshaus Locomotives
  • Medical air rescue