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Muscat is the official capital of Oman in the Middle East. 
The city of Muscat is in the center of an area that is generallly referred as Muscat municipality and combines the economical and political power of the country of Oman. This area includes Muscat, which is the seat of the sultan, Muttruh with its traditional influence and Ruwi, which is the economic center of the area. 
In the city of Muscat there are several sites to see - the two 17th century Portuguese forts, which are remains of the times when the city was center of the East African empire, the Al-Alam Palace of the sultan, the infamous souk of the city and the Corniche or the Old Arab Town. 
The other two cities of the Muscat area - Ruwi and  Muttruhare also worth visiting, with the later known for its beautiful and extensive Corniche and the traditionally closed Lawatiyah merchants Quarter.