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Travel Gadgets Must-haves for the Holiday-bound Geek

With the age of technology coming at us at lightning speeds, it's no wonder that gadgets for almost any activity and use can be found everywhere. And for those who are always jet-setting off to some romantic or far-flung destination, carrying a number of high-tech gadgets is never even questioned. 
Today, it's almost always a given that most, if not all, travellers will always have their mp3 players, laptops, and portable gaming consoles with them wherever they go. Without these technological marvels we'll die of boredom in airports as well as trains and bus stations - or worse gain weight for eating too much junk food.
So for the techie traveler, here's a list of must-have gadgets to take with you on your globetrotting adventures:
1. The Trackstick II
We all like to keep track of our travels on any form: a journal, scrapbook, computer app, or a notepad on our smartphones. With the Trackstick II you won't have to keep interrupting your sightseeing to keep tabs of your travel details. This mini-stick GPS device is designed for integration with the popular Google Earth. It can be carried in your bag or belt as it keep tabs of your route, directions, stop times, and speed.
2. Tumi's Universal Power Adaptor Kit
If you're tired of lugging around countless chargers and adaptors for your mobile electronics and laptop, then all you need is Tumi's Universal Power Adaptor Kit. It's slick, it's slim, and it features a retractable cable and an elegant leather case. With this, you'll have more space for more important things - like souvenirs.
3. Imation's USB Flash Drive cum Wristband
Now, who's to say you can't wear technology in a fashionable way? Imation's innovative and stylish wristband doubles as a flash drive for storing your important documents, itinerary, applications, web settings, and other important travel information. What's great about this is you won't have to worry about losing it in all the packing and unpacking you'll be doing during your trip.
4. Rechargeable Power Pack from Philips
Never worry about getting caught without power supply. The rechargeable power pack from Philips is here to save you from misery and boredom in a power outage. It can power up your devices for  up to 60 hours. It also comes with 12 connector tips and a case to keep it all organized.
5. Heys xScale Pro
Every traveller who has experienced paying excess baggage charges at the airport know that it's a pain. You don't really want to leave anything behind after paying for it. So you really have no choice but to suck it up and pay the extra baggage fee. But with the Heys xScale Pro you'll never have to pay extra for luggage again, or gauge how much you need to pay so you can allot a budget for it. This handy scale can weigh luggage of up to 50 kgs (110 lbs).
6. Anti-theft Travel Bag
Secure your most valuable possesions when you're on the go. The PacSafe MetroSafe 200 bag is sure to make trips to roads less travelled much safer. The bag is made with eXomesh Slashguard technology in the bottom and front panels as well as slashproof and adjustable shoulder straps. In addition, it has tamperproof zippers as you can hook it to your belt loop.
7. USB Rechargeable Batteries
Carrying a handful of batteries when you're jetting off around the world just adds clutter to your luggage. Even then, it'll rack up your travel expenses especially when you're on a long vacation and using a lot of battery-operated gadgets. The USBCell Rechargeable Batteries eliminates that problem as you can charge it via your computer. You don't have to carry a separate battery and charger for it, so it means less weight on your shoulders - literally.
8. Universal Solar Power Travel Charger
Earthtech Product has come out with a powerful solar power charger for all your travel gadgets. You never have to look for a power outlet to charge this recharger because all you need is the sun. This mighty solar charger can store your standby charge for up to a year. It weighs a mere 2.4 ounces and carries triple the power of a regular mobile phone. It includes connectors for iPods, PDAs, MP3 players, and other digital gadgets.

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