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10 Reasons to Travel by Train

Travelling by means of a train is one of the best and cheapest ways to tour the world. Many cities are serviced by a major railway provider as well as other commuter and public transport system. Using trains to get around from country to country can present both a fun challenge and a memorable adventure. If you're still not convinced, here are 10 reasons why you should travel by train.
Rail travel is cheaper. What could be better than being able to take a trip without sacrificing an arm and a leg for it? For one rail tickets costs less than airfares, plus upgrading your ticket from economy to first-class is far less traumatizing as tripling the amount when you upgrade for airfare.
Unrestricted use of technology. In the age of smart phones, laptops, and iPods, it's an incovenience to travel without these modern gadgets, particularly on long trips. But when you use the train to travel, you will be able to use these technologies from the moment you get on until you get off the train.
You have more leg room. When you travel by train you don't have to settle for cramped space with little room to move and do much else. Trains offer more freedom to move about and stretch your legs. You can also do much more than watch movies or read magazines. You can visit the other cars in the train and dine in leisure and comfort.
You get lots of privacy. When you ride on a train even for long travels you won't have to deal with sleeping while sitting down. For a few more bucks you can have a train cabin all your own with lots of space to actually lie down and get some of that much needed rest. You won't get jetlagged and can get right on with enjoying the sights and sounds of the place you're visiting.
Enjoy great views. The main reason for going away on a vacation is to take it slow and take pleasure in every new experience. And when you take the train, you'll be able to unwind and enjoy the great views as you pass by. It's more than you can say about just clouds and the seat in front of you in a plane.
Visit as many cities as you like. Unlike riding planes you can get on and off a train as many times as you like along the way. What makes it even more convenient is that many railway stations are situated close to city centres that are serviced by public transport. And you won't have to wait long to get on another one as trains arrive and leave at regular intervals.
Less waiting time. For many of us, and for those travelling with children, delays and waiting time can be troublesome. Trains are less often delayed and you can always catch the next scheduled one if you miss yours. You don't even have to wait in long lines for check-in and security. And a big plus - you get compensated for extreme train delays.
It's wheelchair accessible. For those who are travelling with handicapped companions, the railway is the best transport mode. They don't have to go through the hassle of metal detectors, tight aisles, and going on and off the plane. Trains have ramps and porters who can make it easier for those in wheelchair to get on and off the train.
There are fewer crying babies on a train. Usually babies and children cry and get irritated when their ears pop from the change in pressure in a plane. With a train, you won't have to deal with this problem and will have an easier time handling the kids. In addition, they won't get as bored as they would be inside the cramped seats and aisles of a plane because in a train you can take them to see other sections or eat in the dining car.
It's more earth-friendly. Experts say that travel by train can cut up to 90% of carbon emissions compared to flying. For some, that's reason enough to travel by rail. Well, that and all the other reasons listed above.

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