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10 Offbeat Romantic Destinations In Europe

Perhaps Europe is another word for ‘romance'. Besides the
popular romantic destinations like Paris, Venice and Santorini, Europe has so
many unsung places that are longing to be discovered. Whether it's
the allure of the hidden beaches, magic of the primeval sights or the serenity
of the elusive countryside, Europe has plenteous romantic quotient to appease
your pining heart.
So, woo your partner in Europe's best offbeat romantic destinations


Try Enna for a quiet, romantic Italian holiday. It's a modest town in the
region of Sicily. Although far from tourism, Enna has immense beauty for
your eyes and soul. Perched on a plateau overlooking the striking
Dittaino valley, Enna is ideal for slow travel. All you have to do is
soak in the local life, admire the historic nuances and just enjoy


The lesser-known French town, Carcassonne oozes historic charms. It would be a great idea to take in the primeval enigma with your beloved. The sites of Carcassonne that would take you back in time are La Cité, Basilique St-Nazaire, Château Comtal, Bastide St-Louis and Pont-Vieux to name a few.
Galesnjak Perhaps the best place to express your love to your sweetheart is on a secluded island.


Located between the Island of Pasman and Zadar on mainland Croatia, is a rare, heart-shaped island in Croatia. No wonder it makes an ideal romantic escape for lovers who seek solitude.


For those who are fond of narrow alleys and Gothic architecture, Piran is
where they should go. Don't be surprised if this pretty Slovenian town reminds you of Venice. Yes, it has the similar old-era charm and magic. Plus, it's a coastal town, which makes it a perfect getaway for the lovey-dovey twosomes.


The Greek islands are obvious favourites of the honeymooners. Lesvos, an island with gorgeous sandy beaches, salt marshes, densely forested mountains and olive groves make a mesmerising romantic escape. Also, couples can indulge in its therapeutic hot spring baths.


To give your romance a touch of fairytale, head to Begur, a vivacious Moorish town situated along the Costa Brava, in Spain. You can sojourn at a lovely boutique hotel, admire a 10th-century castle, explore the vineyards, sample the local wine and olives, and soak in the pretty coastline. Begur is your laid-back and relaxed getaway giving you enough time to enjoy everything at an unhurried pace.


There's no better place to clink your glasses and celebrate love than Champagne, a French town renowned for producing the original champagne. The best way to explore thisregion is by taking the path to the villages to visit
the family-owned cellars and vineyards.


A touch of Italy in a Swiss town isn't a bad idea, right? Lugano is a picturesque lakeside city in Ticino, the only mainstream Italian-speaking region of Switzerland. It's a city full of vigour with elegant boutiques, pretty boulevards, bars and street cafes.Besides, there are stunning views of the Alps.


Sintra is a delicious taste of Portuguese romance. It's a fascinating maze of wet forests, alluring gardens and dazzling palaces in Portugal. The best way to soak up its charisma is by just being – wander aimlessly through the town to marvel at its age-old castles, palaces and monasteries.


Bohinj, a beautiful valley settled in the Julian Alps in Slovenia, is a perfect
romantic hideout for couples who are looking for some quiet time
together. The gorgeous blue lake surrounded by so much of lushness is a
sure respite from the hustle and bustle of our lives. You can enjoy
plenty of nature activities like cycling, hiking, swimming and kayaking.
But, the best thing would be to just sit by the lake and immerse into
the serenity.

Editor: Renuka Singh
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