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Top 10 Culinary Destinations Of Australia

Australia is a sure-fire for a gourmet. Although there's a lot to explore in Australia – from intriguing landscapes, exotic nature and wildlife to its scintillating islands and beaches, the gastronomy of Australia is one of the most sought after experiences in the world. It would be absolutely apt to say that an inquisitive traveller would have a whale of time exploring the diversity of Australia, not just in terms of sights and attractions, but it terms of food as well.

There's so much to dig into the Aussie food culture that it could get a bit overwhelming for a roving epicurean. Be it food and wine, fresh farm produce, seafood, or coffee and beer, Australia celebrates food.

So, let's nosh through the top ‘food' destinations of Australia


Queensland is Australia's tropical gem with plenty of luscious tropical fruits – mangoes, pineapples, pawpaw, bananas, avocados, coconuts, guavas, jackfruit and so much more. But, that's just the surface – you can taste a variety of other stuff as well, such as goat's cheese, organic coffee and wine, and many delicious homegrown foods. Also, Queensland is known to be the ‘Beef Capital of Australia', so make sure you have your share of eye fillet.


Since Tasmania is an island state, exploring its ‘seafood' is an obvious thing to do. However, there's a lot more to taste in Tasmania. Delve into the delicious world of fresh fruits, harvested vegetables, a variety of dairy products and fine wine experiences. Besides the restaurants and bars of Tasmania, it's a good idea to discover its many vineyards and wineries, breweries and distilleries, and village markets.

Bruny Island

Bruny Island makes an excellent day expedition from Hobart. The island has many delights to appease a foodie – oysters, which go well with a Tassie wine, cheese made with local cow's and goat's milk, wood-fired bread and some locally produced wines, whiskies, gin and vodka.


The southern gem of Australia, Victoria is a pure culinary haven. From Melbourne's famous coffee culture to Yarra Valley's boutique wineries, from Great Ocean Road's handmade chocolates and ice creams to Central Goldfields town's pub and farmers' market and Gippsland's fresh produce, Victoria has an overwhelming variety of gastronomic experiences to satiate the epicurean in you.

Bellarine Peninsula

A perfect region to enjoy the sunshine and fresh food in Victoria is Bellarine Peninsula. You will be spoilt for choice with the kind of fine wineries, farm gates, and restaurants Bellarine has to entice you. So, make sure to savour Bellarine's farm-produced vegetables, fresh seafood, gourmet cheese, and luscious seasonal berries. You should also buy Bellarine's mussels, oysters, handmade goat's cheese, fresh salad goods, and olives available at various stores across the region.


Hailed as Australia's seafood and wine capital, Adelaide boasts of 16 picturesque wine regions. Besides, the city delights you with its many eat streets. You can fill your plate with anything from Lebanese to Asian, vegetarian to seafood. And, the idea of noshing at traditional pubs is so much fun. But, don't forget to check out Adelaide Central Market, which is home to quality fresh produce. Yes, it's a place to pick up the delicious cheeses, seafood, meat, freshly baked breads and many confectioneries.

Barossa Valley

With 150 wineries to its credit, Barossa Valley is surely a place for wine lovers. But, that's just the surface. There's a lot more to relish in Barossa Valley – a hot-air balloon trip over the scenic valley, wine tasting, and dinner on a patio. Of late, the Barossa Valley has also evolved into an epicure hub. Experiences like breakfast in the bush to slow lunches take you closer to the soul of Australia.

The Southern Highlands of NSW

There's a lot to taste in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW. Beginning
with wine tastings and hearty meals in traditional country pubs to exploring vineyards and the countryside, the Southern Highlands is full of delectable delights.The local specialties that you should try are Toulouse geese, Angus beef, goats, Wessex saddleback pigs, olives, cheeses, truffles, cherries, and berries.

Central Australia

Central Australia has a bundle of gourmet experiences for you – the starry
dinner at Uluru, an indulgence into the authentic delicacies like kangaroo, crocodile, barramundi, and bush salads perfectly complemented by Australian wines. If you still have some appetite left, head to Alice Springs to explore an awesome array of restaurants, cafes, and trendy eateries. Enjoy the succulent steaks, flavoursome bush meats and yummy barbecue ribs.

Swan Valley

Western Australia's oldest wine producing region, Swan Valley is a haven of numerous breweries, wineries, restaurants, cafes and food manufacturers. So, it's a place to enjoy some excellent wines and foods. You can visit different wineries for tastings, have a gourmet winery meal, and savour some chocolates, cheeses, liqueur and beer, too.

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