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Haifa is located on the northern Israel, is the third largest city and has the biggest harbour of the country. Bounded by the Mediterranean Sea, it is famous for its nice beaches and is suitable place for aqua sports like wind surf and navigation.
It is for sure the symbol of tolerance: in the districts of Khalisa, Abas and Wadi Nisnan Arabs and Christians live together respecting each other, whereas their little and characteristic streets have become a real touristic attraction.
A place of interest that a visitor cannot miss is the Bahai, magnificient complex with beautiful gardens and the dome shaped roof Temple of Bab. Close to the Bahai centre, there's the German district, where you can come back into the 19th Century. This area is surrounded by a natural park of the Carmelo where hiking lovers can enjoy the nature and the landscapes.
Haifa has also many museum, an important movie festival that attracts thousands of people and an international university.