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Bombay Paperie

At the Bombay Paperie we seek to breathe new life into the dying craft OF paper making by hand.
With the help of the last two remaining master papermakers we have been able to train a younger generation. The vats are in use again to make the thin, strong paper of old, possibly the last mill to make it out of cotton rags.
No trees are cut to make this paper.
Now, with the 21st century, the digital revolution poses a new threat. Paper is about to become redundant. Can we not find a new use for paper in a world that does not write letters? Share your ideas with us and help us bring a 17th century craft into the 21st century.
We are the bridge that links the old of yesterday to the young of today.... walk over it with us!
Price : No Admission Fee
Timing : 10 30am to 6pm
Contact : 02266358171

Address : 63, BOMBAY SAMACHAR MARG, OPP BSE, FORT , Maharashtra , 400 001