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As the name suggests, Olympia is the city in Greece that birthed the iconic Olympic Games. But, that's just a mere glimpse of Olympia, as there is so much more to discover about this fascinating Greek city. From the enchanting ruins of the stadium, the ancient temples and the Archaeological Museum to the beautiful Alfios River and Kato Samiko's pristine beach, Olympia is a magical land. Also, Olympia can be an excellent base destination for other short excursions, such as the Temple of Apollo Epikourios, Katakolo port, Chlemoutsi Castle and Ancient Ilida. The top restaurants to try in Olympia are Taverna Thea, The Garden Taverna and Mithos. Although Olympia is often visited as a day trip from other cities like Athens and Kalamata, it's a good idea to spend a night or two here. The best hotels in Olympia are Best Western Hotel Europa, Olympic Village, Ilis Hotel and Neon Olympia Hotel.