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Berlin, the capital of Germany, was built around the bustling 400 kilometre River Spree. The city is in many ways a representation of the great changes that has happened to the country over the years. It was the site of the infamous Berlin Wall which divided the former East and West sides of the city. Without the dividing wall, the city now is a thriving metropolis where ones travel to Germany usually starts.   Most of the travellers who come to Berlin want to enjoy the combination of history, culture, and new age glamour that the city has come to adapt and offer. The many night clubs and concert venues is the perfect come on for the younger crowd, while Berlin’s museums, architecture, and arts is a tasty morsel for the older culture vultures.   A holiday in Berlin will not disappoint. Many of the city’s attractions are famous throughout the world. The most iconic of which is the Brandenburg Gate. Built between 1788 and 1791, the gate is the city’s most popular attraction and Berlin’s most photographed structure.   The Checkpoint Charlie Museum, meanwhile, is the only reminder of the tension that prevailed between East and West Berlin during the Cold War. However, a replica of the guard tower that was taken out when the wall was broken down now stands at the site and the original is housed in Zhelendorf’s Allierten Museum.   The Reichstag, the German Parliament Building, has an observation deck on top which offers visitors a panoramic view of the city. The perfect time to visit Reichstag is early in the morning or at night when the queue is not as long.   For those interested in the arts Berlin’s Eastside Gallery is not to be missed. What’s left of the Berlin Wall, stretching from Ostbahnhof to Oberbaumbrucke, has been turned into an open gallery of graffiti art. Other galleries and museums to visit are the Hamburger Bahnhof which was built in 1846, and the Jewish Museum which features a unique architecture and collection of unique artefacts.   Berlin activities does not centre on just visiting museums or partying the night away in a club, because Berlin’s restaurants provide a sumptuous