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Prague, the Czech Republic's capital, has something for everyone. Whether you are an art lover, a food aficionado, a lover of music, or have great interest in architecture, you'll without doubt enjoy visiting Prague. Its architectural structures remain strong even after World War II. There are beautiful parks, various spots for those who love the night life and bars that serve Czech Republic's famous beers, not to mention a handful of galleries and museums. Even if there's noticeable traffic in the city, plus the feeling of the place being over commercialized, those will not stop you from enjoying the sights and sounds that make up Prague.
Several Prague attractions that locals are proud of are: the Charles Bridge, lined by interesting statues that will make your visit a delight; the Astronomical Clock found in Old Town Square which has been around ever since 1338; and the Prague Castle, one of the most popular scenic spots of the Czech Republic capital.

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