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Address : 64 Victoria St , 6230


Poor quality and abusive managers

Rated: 2/10 rated
Disappointed Customer
Jun 14 2018
The restaurant serves food that does not resemble Italian cuisine at all. What''s worse, the food was greasy, and the pizza tasted like a store bought one. The dough was nothing like the one used for real pizza. When this was brought to the attention of the waitress, she did not bother to ask for details or apologize. When feedback was given on the Facebook page, the manager tried to blame me, and her husband was very abusive saying thing like ''you''re talking out of your ass''. Such abusive and offensive comments were had been made before. They''re not serious about improving the quality. Instead, they keep on raving how great they are and behaving very defensively and abusively towards their customers. I''d suggest spending your money elsewhere. Not worth the poor culinary and attitude experience.