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Deal alerts

Nobody should pay more than they have to, it's as simple as that! When you are looking for deals online - you may have to visit many sites daily for weeks to find a deal or price that suits you for the travel arrangements, you are looking for. You will end up spending hours but still miss the real deal - This is where HolidayStreets offers an easy yet powerful service called 'Deal Alerts'. It allows our users to easily and quickly setup alerts for their travel arrangements and receive notification when a deal matches their plans.

Travel deals alerts

How it works

  • Navigate to 'My account' tab and register as a user, Please ensure you have a valid email address in the registration form.
  • Login to your account and click on 'Deal alerts' from 'User Controls' section.
  • Select Flights, Hotels, Car hire or Holiday for relevant alerts section.
  • Click on 'Create an alert' for setting a new alert.

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